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Step 1

Initial Contact

When you contact us either through a call or email. We will ask for your contact information,  We will set up a time to come meet you and take a look at your project. After that you should receive an email with some questions. These questions help us when we meet at your project. 

Step 2


We will send you a questionnaire about your project. These questions help us determine the final finish of your project. You can either answer all the questions or leave blank if you don't know. We can fill this in when we meet on site. Once you have filled in what you can, you will then send it back to us. 

Step 3

On site Consultation

After we have received the questionnaire back, Declan, The owner will meet you on site and talk through your project. We will gather the other information for the project that we cant capture in a questionnaire.

Step 4


We will promise to have an estimate to you within one week. The estimates can be quite detailed and we like to make sure we haven't missed any information.

Step 4

Agreement and Scheduling

Once you have reviewed the estimate and understand everything that was estimated and you are ready to move forward with your project, let us know and we will sign the agreement together. 

This is when the fun and excitement begins!

Step 5

Contractor foreman

After the agreement has been signed, we will set you up with our Construction app. This app helps us and you look after the project. This app allows everyone to see progress of the project, make comments, change orders and ask questions. The lead foreman will be uploading pictures and information daily. 

Step 6

Preparing for Start date

As you wait for your start date, we would recommend that you get everything ready in your home. Either clearing the working area of all personal belongings and putting them into storage or another room if possible. 

Step 7

Procuring Materials

As the date for construction draws near we will start procuring materials and have them delivered to your home. If storage is not available at your home we can arrange other storage. Procuring materials helps minimize delays on the project. this also helps you see finish fixtures. 

Step 8

Demo Day

On demo day, Declan and his crew will show up and go over some details prior to starting demo. We ask that cars are removed from the driveway. Either there will be a Dump trailer or Dumpster in the driveway or close to the home as possible.

The flooring and personal belonging in the pathway to the area of the home where construction is, will be protected with ram board or plastic. 

Step 9


Once work has started on your home, we will require a "Start of project" deposit. This can be paid either by check or online payment via QuickBooks.

Step 10

Work day

Our crews work start typical begins at 8am and ends at 4.30pm. Depending on traffic and location of jobsite. The crew will remove all tools and debris from the jobsite each day. "A clean site is a happy site" The crew foreman will keep you updated each day. you can also ask on the Contractor foreman app.

Step 10

Work day

During the building process please dont be afraid to ask questions. Its much easier to adjust something during the build rather then when it is complete.

Step 11

Final walk through

At this point the crew foreman will have conducted his Final walkthrough. repairs will be made if necessary. We will also send you a checklist that you can check over. 

Step 11


Once the walkthrough has been complete, the cleaners will prepare the project for final pictures. 

Step 11


The project is Complete, Declan will now walk you through the project and show you all the components of your new build. We will also supply you with a binder full of information on your new fixtures including warranty's. 

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